Modular recipes

The problem we solve

POMS Recipe manager has a section reusable objects. Are the objects in that section really reusable? The fact is, that when you change something in one of these objects, you most likely will have to reopen all the recipes where that recipe is used. Which means you have to go through the hazzle of approving all the modified recipes.
Did you ever run into one the following problems?
  • You defined a reusable action list, and used it in 10 or more recipes. You changed the reusable action list, and you had to reopen all those recipes in order to get the new version of the reusable action list accepted
  • You have a material in your bill of material, with a particular sequence number that is used by one of your ADD_MATL calls in one of your recipes. You create a new version of the Bill of material in which the sequence number of the material changed. If you did this before, you'll know what problem we're talking about
  • You have generic In Process Control sheets which you want to use across the manufacturing of many products. How do you link them with your recipes? What if you want to have your IPC executed at regular periods which you want to define dynamically>

The solution(s) we provide

We provide 2 different solutions

1) Make generic recipes and/or generic action lists

In this solution we provide you a 'general unit procedure' that enables you to insert child recipes in your main recipe, and a replacement of the standard abl for calling the latest approved reusable action list.

2) Make use of the monitor step

The monitor step is a replacement of the action list execution. It is fully compatible with the action list execution, which means that you can plug-out the action list concept and plug-in the monitor without loss of your current recipe information.
Screenshots of monitor in recipe author
Screenshots of monitor during execution
EBR result

Your benefits

  • Reduce recipe approval cycles
  • Use of objects not developped in native POMS
  • Prerequisites of actions may depend on expiration cycles and even external triggers
  • EBR Smart Document integration possibilities