Action lists in Oracle

The problem we solve

When creating a recipe in standard recipe manager there is part of the information stored in what we further call 'flat files'. Another part of the recipe is stored in the database. Many times this leads to inconsistencies between both storages.
The other problem is that the result of execution of an action list is stored on the local disk of the workstation. If the workstation breaks down, there is no way to recover your electronic batch.

The solution we provide

We provide additional dll's and Oracle PL/SQL routines for storing the action lists in your database

Your benefits

  • Full recovery of action list execution after system crash
  • Simultaneous execution on different workstations
  • View action list execution through Crystal Reports, for instance with Internet Explorer
  • Possibility to dynamically change input variables of your recipe steps and so not fix them in the recipe
  • No data inconsistencies because everything is stored in database
  • Kernel upgrades or server change much easier with respect to transferring recipes
  • Approving of recipes can be done through an email and electronic signature process, without having recipe manager installed 
  • Real logon screen when resuming instead of message to use F7 button