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Running action lists from database

If you use action list execution in your recipes, the content of your action lists is stored in internal flat files. However, it is possible to store the full content of your action list and the execution result in the database.
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Build recipes modular

POMS Recipe manager has a section reusable objects. Are the objects in that section really reusable? The fact is, that when you change something in one of these objects, you most likely will have to reopen all the recipes where that recipe is used. Which means you have to go through the hazzle of approving all the modified recipes.
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Crystal Reports version > 8.5

Your company moved to a Crystal Reports version 9 or higher...
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Label Printing

You feel it as a pain to change the layout of a label, because you either have to call a consultant to change the code or walk through a complex database structure? Read more


Picking must be fast, flexible, mobile, transparent in use, ... we believe we might have a solution for you.
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