Consultants POMS MES

What we do

PROMES BVBA provides complementary consultancy to POMS MES (Honeywell) customers in Europe. Our consultants have a POMS MES background and years of experience in development and support of MES applications in the pharmaceutical industry.

Our added value

PROMES BVBA focuses its services on a total MES solution that fits into your existing IT-strategy. As an example we provide:

  • Full Oracle database support. Much of the performance issues can be resolved by tuning your database, and/or replacing big blocks of action language code into Oracle PL/SQL stored procedures.
  • Crystal Reports support other than the versions supplied with standard POMS. We have alternatives for prtrpt.exe, and we can offer you a dot Net based report website for people requiring the MES reports without installing the full application
  • Have a Seagull-Bartender interface that works independently of your label templates
  • Large install base of ERP-LIMS-WMS-FS interfaces. With our product PRODBX and/or native POMS action language we make ERP interfaces without changes to your ERP system. Through partners we also interface IBM series 1 applications
  • Palm top integration, including Palm/OS devices
  • Extra modules such as physical inventory, shipping, database driven action list execution,...
  • Any equipment interface
  • Validation based on your documentation requirements

Our limitations

We only support POMS MES versions 2.3 to 5.x. Earlier versions, which are the OS/2 versions, can be supported if part of an upgrade project. We are not able to make modifications to the kernel, but are specialized in customization and development of the POMS application blocks, better known as BPO.

POMS, POMS MES are trademarks of Honeywell International