Track the equipment efficiency losses

As explained in the diagram, each machine is subject to various losses. Losses should be limited. Losses contribute to a high degree of unreliability. Unreliability can be translated in variance of the produced product, unplannable delivery and higher costs. From a customers perspective this is poor quality, delivery just not in time and higher price... shortly poor value.

The first step is measuring the losses to know which machine did not perform and for what reason. The more detail you get, the more you can zoom in on the problem.

The OEE layer (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) of PROMES registers the events in the process, brings them in relation to the applied settings and does a pre-process of the retrieved information.

This layer is based on Oracle or MS SQL-server database and stored procedures. The information is retrieved by the PRODBX connectivity tool. And the front-end are based on webtechnology.