PROMES' s Connectivity

PRODBX is PROMES's connectivity middleware. Although you may use PRODBX for data integration purposes, it is primarily our first step in gathering the information for further TPM processing.

The architecture of PRODBX is universal:

  • PRODBX supports the communication to your process equipment as well as your ERP system.
  • No problem if you only can provide a spreadsheet or flat-file.
  • PRODBX works from real-time data exchange to daily data synchronization.
  • The internal PRODBX language is ANSI-SQL. By using this proven standard, PRODBX can support the 'older' systems as well as the modern ones.
  • Extending PRODBX with a new technology plug-in or interface type, is a matter of very short development. 

Please visit the PRODBX online manual to find more detail about the architecture of PRODBX and the supported technologies.