Nokia Cardphone

Nokia Cardphone (starting from version 2) is one of the supported hardware platforms when using SMS connection client.

PRODBX does not access the card directly, but uses the ActiveX functions provided by the software delivered with the card. You need to install the Nokia Cardphone software in order to use your card with PRODBX. It is not needed you run the software when using it with PRODBX. The Nokia software does not interphere PRODBX and vice versa when running them both. The Nokia software is called automatically when your system is started. You cannot close it unless you remove the phone card. If you find it unconvenient the Nokia software runs when you are using the card only with PRODBX, you must remove the relevant keys in the registry under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. This will avoid the Nokia to startup automatically at reboot.

Prodbx uses 2 DLL's of the Nokia software:

  • stngs3AD.dll : Nokia settings adapter for Dragon UI. This dll allows PRODBX to switch on the phone and detect the network.
  • sms3aD.dll : Nokia SMS adapter (Nokia cardphone 2.0). This is the ActiveX plugin to allow applications to manage SMS.