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SMS connection

SMS = Short Message Service. This is a network service provided by mobile phone network operators or service providers. It enables you to send and receive short text messages over the digital cellular network. With the PRODBX SMS connection client you are able to store or initiate those SMS messages in another system.

SMS is limited to 160 characters. Depending on your hardware, operator's network and the recipient's phone support you may send longer messages. In that case they will will be cut in messages of 160 characters and concatenated back by the recipient. This technique is outside PRODBX, and more information on this subject is to be found in the documentation of your phone hardware.

Select SMS in the connection type listbox when defining the database connection. Your screen will look like:


  • GSM interface: Select the hardware you are using. Check the technology section for more specific information. If your hardware is not in the list, please contact us.
  • Pin code: PIN = Personal Identity Number. This is the numeric code you use to startup your phone. Is the number you programmed on the SIM (Subscriber Identity Module) card of your network provider. This code is minimum 4 and maximum 8 digits long. Defining your PIN code is not done by PRODBX. You must define it through the software of your hardware, or directly on the phone. This is also when you used a wrong PIN code and your SIM card gets blocked and asks you to enter the PUK code (Personal Unlocking Key). The PUK code is supplied by your network provider together with the SIM card.
  • Number SMS centre: Text messages are always first transmitted to a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) run by the network operator. The SMSC then forwards the message to the recipient. If the recipient is not immediately reached, the message is stored in the SMSC until the recipient can be reached. The number to enter here is therefore typical to your network operator. Enter the number in its full notation, this is with '+' and country code.
  • Field name Message: Basically an SMS message contains 3 parts of relevant information, the message itself, the phone number of the transmitter and the timestamp when it was issued to the network. In order to use this information in later definitions in PRODBX you must get this information to behave as if it was a database table. The name of the table is fixed to 'SMS', and the name of the fields are defined over here. In our example (screenshot) you can use the message of your SMS later by calling the table SMS and access the field 'Message'. See picture below, based on the screenshot example.
  • Field name Tel. Number: see Field name Message
  • Field name Timestamp: see Field name Message