Configuration manager

Defining a connection

A connection is defined whenever you plan to use a connection client in your network. The configuration holds the parameters how this connection client should behave.

Connections can be defined in the tree-view section of the screen under 'database connections'.

Use right mouse button, Edit, or buttons to create new, edit or delete connections.

Configuring a connection is done in 3 parts:

General setup

After selecting New... or properties you get the properties screen.

  • Connection name: the name you give to this connection (max. 50 characters)
  • Connection type: see connection type specific setup
  • Control file: each client is working with an MS-Access or Interbase oriented control file in which the client is buffering the transactions, logging and keeps the client specific configuration in case the dispatcher is not reachable at startup of the client. You can specify the name of this control file here. If you don't the system will use the connection name to define the control file. You also need to know:
    • When the client is started for the first time, it is PRODBX who will create and install the control file.
    • Do not modify anything in a control file.
    • At startup of a client, the client will check the registry if the control file was installed before. The key is: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Promes/Prodbx/ConnectionClient/ <MyConnection>/AccessFilename. If this entry does not exist, the client will ask the dispatcher to create a control file for him. This implies that when your control file would be corrupted, you can trick the system to create a new one by deleting this registry key.
    • Clients can share a control file, but is not recommended. Be careful when you copy connections.
  • Client OS Type: (Display only) At startup of a client, the client determines and reports the platform it is running on. This platform can be NT (2000 or XP) or 98 (Me) oriented.
  • Client Machine Name: (Display only) At startup of a client, the client will report the machine name to the dispatcher. This enables the dispatcher to communicate with the client. 

Connection type specific setup

The connection type listbox contains the possible clients of your version of PRODBX. When selecting one of these your setup screen will be extended with extra parameters specific to the connection type selected. Follow the links to have more explanation on the various types: