Product overview

The way PRODBX exchanges data

The connection client handling the source application retrieves a record. The fields to retrieve are specified in the configuration.

Each separate field in the record is then 'translated' by means of running a script. Scripts are written in VB or Java and available through the configuration. If one source record results in more then one destination records, as many times a translation script is run on the source field. The limits what you can do in this translation is determined by the limitations of VB scripting or Java scripting.

After translation, the ANSI SQL statements to create, update or delete the destination record(s), are written to the output buffer, waiting to be picked up by the dispatcher.

When dispatcher is online with the source connection client, it will retrieve the ANSI SQL statements and temporary store in the dispatch buffer, waiting there for transmission to the destination connection client(s).

As soon as the destination connection client becomes online, the ANSI SQL statements are transmitted to its input buffer, from where they are published to the receiving system.