Product overview

Logging manager

This module enables the user to examine the past activities on the PRODBX network, export the logging and purge it.


Transactions that were unable to be written to the destination, are bounced back to the dispatcher. With the logging manager the user can examine the transaction, eventually modify the data, and retransmit it to the destination.

There are 2 main types of logging:

  • Information: this type is logging all activity on the PRODBX network. Entries of this type do not mean any error situation. They are there for debugging purposes. The log numbers are in the 3000 range. Information type logging can be disabled for each individual connection client by using the /NOLOG option.
  • Error - Warning: type reporting an error situation or important information (for instance if a client reports connection or disconnection). These logging entries are reported in the 5000 range error numbers, and cannot be disabled.

Log entries are classified according severity level:

  • Level 1: Important information.
  • Level 2: Critical information.
  • Level 3: Blocked situation. The application was unable to execute parts of its program.

Log entries are also classified according the module generating it:

  • SYSTEM: the logging is related to a system element. This can be the hardware, the network, a driver, a status of a device or an unresolved internal error.
  • APPLICATION: the logging is related to the way the configuration or script was executed.
  • SECURITY: when PRODBX was unable to execute specific algorithms due to security constraints.

Multilingual aspects: The log messages typical to PRODBX are displayed in the language the logging manager is installed. The additional information or error messages reported by an underlying driver are displayed in the language this driver reported the error. This can explain why a log entry is displayed in 2 different languages.

Timezone correction: Logging is reported to the dispatcher with the system timestamp of the machine the connection client is running on, and the minutes difference to the Greenwich time. The user can resort all logging in the Logging Manager in Greenwich time. This to give a better overview of the sequence in which events happened.

Limit logging: You can limit the number of entries by specifying additional parameters for the shortcut starting the client. See Installation Shortcut. However per default, the maximum number of consecutive same log entries you can have is set to 100. If needed you could extend it to a higher number by using the parameters.