Configuration Manager

Loading and saving the configuration

The configuration is automaticaly loaded at startup of the configuration manager.

The configuration is only loaded when you could establish a connection to the dispatcher. If you get an error message (#5012 - #5022) before the navigation screen appears, then you were not able to make a connection to the client. If you get error #5011 then your configuration manager does not know where your dispatcher resides. There are two ways of telling your system on which machine the dispatcher is installed on:

  • Through a system variable (On NT or 2000): Define a system variable 'DispatcherIP' in the system section of your control panel. Assign the name of the machine where your dispatcher is installed to this variable. Remember: if you installed the product properly this variable should already be there.
  • Edit the shortcut to the configuration manager and add an additional parameter after the command: /i:<name of machine>. For example: if your dispatcher would be installed on 'promesserver' then the command line should be extended with /i:promesserver.

At startup the configuration manager will first check the command line of your shortcut. If the /i parameter exists it will look for the dispatcher on that machine, else it will take the machine defined in the system parameter. Remark: you can create more then one shortcut for the configuration manager, and point them to different dispatchers on different machines.

You may also use the IP-address of the dispatcher's machine, but make sure TCP/IP is enabled and your dispatcher's machine has a fixed address (not assigned by a DHCP server).

If you still are not able to get connection with the dispatcher, check the DCOM section for security issues.

As soon as you get the navigation screen without getting an error, your configuration is loaded and the connection to the dispatcher is temporary dropped. If you plan a lot of changes and you're using a dial-up line, you may hangup the line until you want to save your changes.

If you want to save your changes select 'Edit - Save', press Ctrl-S or press the toolbar button These buttons are only enabled if you made changes to the configuration.

Remark: the configuration manager can only communicate with the dispatcher through the DCOM channel.